Video for “Mr. Spleen,” released in conjunction with Esopus 22: Organs.

┬áTeaser for “Chlorophyll,” from upcoming Boister album, Cast A Net



Jellyfish in motion to “Dreamtime,” featuring Posie Lewis on vocals.

Spider Working at Night to “Emmeline,” from Your Wound Is Your Crown, Summer, 2013.

Boister Practices “Sycamore,” from Your Wound Is Your Crown, 8/25/13.

Boister Pays Tribute to Thelonious Monk, 5/4/12.

John Dierker, Warren Boes, Lyle Kissack, and Anne Watts rehearse Jacques Brel’s “Ne Me Quittes Pas,” 3/5/12

Jim Dickinson on recording with Boister, Summer 2008

Video for “Some Moths Drink the Tears of Elephants” by Jake Hambleton Buhler


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